At North Bend Materials we offer an array of products for landscaping, construction and home improvement needs. We also offer filters and chemicals for your hot tub, RV materials, propane for your home, and hay for the animals. We are proud of our outstanding quality and large selection!


When you spread our high quality bark around flowers and plants, it will help them grow healthy and strong while keeping weeds away.


We have a large selection of assorted gravel that will enhance the appearance of your property or garden.


It’s a very important material used in the construction process. Sand must be clean, free from stones and impurities. We will provide you with best possible quality and price.

Cedar Chips

It’s a great organic material used as a top cover for soil that enhances the rooting environment of plants. Also, cedar chips help with water retention, temperature control, and keep the pests away.

Top Soils

With our high quality top soils your yard will look healthy and colorful without the use of chemicals.


Straw is perfect organic material used in construction and landscaping to soaks up moisture.


Hot Tub/SPA

Filters and chemicals


Assortment of RV supplies


Propane & hay